Streetwise Wealth is on a mission to touch and elevate the lives of Canadians through property investing.

Why Streetwise Wealth

Join thousands of clients currently reinventing their lives and achieving their financial goals thanks to our Goals-Based Wealth and Property Plan™️.

Achieve your ideal lifestyle

Quit your 9-to-5, build a pension, retire early, secure your kids future.

Earn passive income

Make money while you sleep. Passive income — the ultimate wealth builder.

Do it on your own terms.

You are your own boss. Take control and ownership of your future.

Avoid critical mistakes.

Big mistakes cost time, money and morale. Do it right — the first time.

Sarah Larbi
Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Coach, Podcast Host of : “Where should I invest“

“I retired at 36 in October of 2020, and I've been able to do this because of the help of Streetwise and their entire team”

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What we do?

Provide Answers.
Craft Your Plan.
Bring Your Plan to Life.

Multi-property investing is complex — don’t go at it alone. 

Wealth and Property plan

Why property investing?

What’s my financial plan? How will real estate enable me to achieve my financial goals?

What’s my strategy?

1 or 2+ properties? Renovate, refinance, hold and/or flip? Do I want to be active or passive?

What assets to invest in?

Residential (single — 4 units) or commercial (multi-residential, mixed use, 100% commercial)?

Where to invest?

What are the markets that offer cash flow? are Poised for growth? Fit my budget?

What capital structure fits my plan best?

What are my best sources of capital to fund the acquisitions? What will my mortgage terms look like as I grow?

What about accounting, legal, and liability?

What are the legal risks and accounting implications? How do I protect my assets and loved ones?

Complimentary Research Report

Best Places to Invest in Ontario.

The result of hundreds of thousands of data points crunched together, analyzed and synthesized. Pick the right market for your journey.

How we help?

Where holistic financial planning meets best of breed street-tested real estate investing know how

Financial Planning / Money Management

Start with a plan. Assess where you are. Map your Goals.
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Market Research & Intelligence

Identify the right markets to invest

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Property Investment Advice

Determine the right investment strategy and property type
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Mortgage Brokering & Negotiation

Get your property financing roadmapTM

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Put the plan into action! close on the right property

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Elevate your property investing game.
It’s time to get Streetwise.

Thank You! We Are Truly Humbled

Thank you for the incredible response to our pre-launch announcement. We are humbled by the number of requests to book a discovery session. The response far exceeded our most optimistic plans!

In order to maintain service levels, we are temporarily unable to accept requests to schedule discovery sessions.

We humbly ask for your patience as we work as hard as possible to connect with those who already requested a session.

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The Streetwise Manifesto

We are in the business of elevating and touching the lives of Canadians.

Our mission is to help clients financially prosper through property investing , thereby creating abundance, peace of mind and time freedom for our clients, and indirectly positively impacting the lives of countless others and the communities they support.

We bring crystal clear clarity to wealth creation through property investing.

We travel the path least travelled to find innovative solutions for our clients.

We go above and beyond.

We empower clients with advice that is rooted in deep knowledge of investment property financing and investing.

We listen with compassion and we care deeply about our clients’ financial well-being.

We strive to be the best in class income property advisors on the street by evolving personally and professionally through continuous learning.

We nurture a culture of high performance, entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal and professional development that pushes us beyond our comfort zone.

Our culture is one of gratitude, collaboration and appreciation for our unique individual talents.

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