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A great financial plan starts with understanding what is important to you and your family,

the goals you are aiming to achieve, and lays down a clear and actionable roadmap to guide you in realizing these goals.

Intuitively most investors understand that real estate is one of the most effective means of creating wealth and positive cashflow into retirement, yet financial plans have traditionally relied almost exclusively on the capital markets (stocks, mutual funds, and bonds) and ignored real estate as financial planners lacked the expertise to provide advice in that area.

At Streetwise Wealth, we are deeply rooted in real estate investing, and are experts in developing truly comprehensive plans that incorporate all aspects of wealth creation and protection including investing in capital markets, insurance, and most importantly real estate.

Based on your specific life and financial goals, we will create a tailored plan, The Goals-Based Wealth and Property Plan TM, that outlines a roadmap to achieving your goals through property investing, while taking into consideration all other aspects relating to your current finances such as: resources, borrowing power, time horizon for reaching these goals, other income sources, life events that can directly impact your plans and risk appetite.

We also factor inflation, taxation and asset protection to give you a truly comprehensive and sustainable plan with Real Estate at its core.

If you currently own a portfolio of investment properties, our methodology and plan will help you validate whether or not you are on the right track to achieving your goals and where you need to make changes (if any) to make the plan more robust.

Our approach



We start by getting to know each other



We learn about your current financial situation, your goals and your aspirations


Modeling & Analysis

We then crunch the numbers and model the ideal plan utilizing Real Estate as a vehicle to achieve your goals



We present you with your comprehensive plan, including where and what to invest and how to finance and protect your investments


Implementation & Annual Review

Once the plan is complete, the real work starts! We support you in the implementation and with regular reviews to make sure you stay on track

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