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Our Goals-Based Wealth & Property Plan is rooted in Real Estate Market research.

Gain insights and crystal clear clarity about the best investment markets that are most suitable for you as an investor given your risk appetite , time and resources.

Our market research provides insights about 18 investment markets across Ontario that are poised for growth based on the macro and micro real estate fundamentals and ones that offer excellent cash flow opportunities.

Gain unparalleled confidence about the markets you are investing in. Learn about the following:

  1. Market outlook
  2. Housing Prices and trends
  3. Rents
  4. Return on Investment
  5. Investment Strategies that work in that market
  6. Micro economic fundamentals, including: population trends, industries, and the local economy and
  7. Much more !

The Streetwise Wealth Best to Invest 2021 report is here

Complimentary Research Report

Best Places to Invest in Ontario.

The result of hundreds of thousands of data points crunched together, analyzed and synthesized. Pick the right market for your journey.

Meet our Market Research Team

Melanie Reuter, MA, BA

Melanie Reuter is a real estate investor, analyst, consultant and coach. She examines real estate markets and phenomena across Canada and presents and writes for industry periodicals, developers, and real estate professionals. As the former Director of Research with the Real Estate Investment Network for 11 years, Melanie felt it was time to bring her talents to a wider audience and step into the world of the entrepreneur. She helps real estate investors take their game to the next level whether they are just starting out or adding to their portfolios. 


She currently owns a multi-family building in Chilliwack, BC and several properties in Alberta, including a 4-plex. Melanie has owned real estate in both hot and declining markets and is more than familiar with the strategies it takes to succeed. Melanie holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University at San Bernardino and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from SFU.