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Financing investment properties is very different than financing your primary residence; especially when you plan to acquire multiple properties over time.

As a client, you may ask:

  1. What are the capital sources available to me to build me portfolio and what is the best way to tap into that capital?
  2. How to structure financing to enable growth and keep the approvals coming when I know that many banks have limits on rental property approvals?
  3. What can I expect for mortgage terms, down payment and amortization for my first, second, third, nth rental deal; so I can analyse properties with confidence?
  4. How will my investment strategy impact the type of financing I will get? Is there a difference in financing a turn key property versus a student rental / a rent to own / flip / assignment/ BRRR ( Buy, Renovate, Refinance , Rent)?
  5. How to manage interest rate and leverage risk as I grow my property portfolio?
  6. What impact will incorporating have on my ability to finance properties?


The Streetwise Income Property Financing Road mapTM  will help you solve the money puzzle!

As a Streetwise Wealth client, you will work with a dedicated account manager/ senior mortgage advisor from Streetwise Mortgages; a multi award winning mortgage brokerage specializing in income property financing and helping investors scale up their portfolios; to develop  a tailored Income Property Financing Road mapTM that will take any guessing relating to capital and mortgages out of the equation and will help you crystalize the path to how you will finance and structure your portfolio strategically one property at a time.

Meet the Streetwise Mortgages Team

Streetwise Mortgages is an award-winning mortgage brokerage, focused on providing tailored mortgage strategies and top notch lending advice to clients who are:

  1. looking to build wealth through real estate and are looking for guidance and expertise on how to structure and finance multiple income properties and how to setup financing in manner that takes into consideration the legal and accounting structures relating to building wealth.
  2. self- employed and are looking for lending solutions to invest or purchase/refinance a residence, and that take into account their business income and the different ways owners pay themselves from the business regardless of how the business is structured from a taxation standpoint.


We serve clients across Ontario and have solid relationships with many lenders in the industry including banks, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders.

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